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The Canadian government is heavily invested in education. From the best infrastructure to excellent faculty, the country promises a conducive learning environment that plays a key role in accelerating the careers of students. Being a land of opportunities, it attracts students from across the globe. 

Many international students and their parents find it overwhelming to deal with the cost of studying in Canada. In addition to the tuition fees, international students also have to consider the increased cost of living as well. This can keep a few aspirants from taking the plunge that their career needs. 

This financial burden can be easily reduced as international students get a number of opportunities to pay for their expenses. Co-op, working part-time as a student, PGWP — there are many ways in which students can work in Canada and earn while living their dreams. 

If you want to know more about how to financially support yourself as an international student in Canada, then talk to an expert at Ztudents. Get in touch with us to know more about working in this country.

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Work While Your Study in Canada


As an international student in Canada, you can easily earn money without compromising on your education. There are three broad pathways that allow you to become a part of the Canadian workforce on a temporary basis while you are still a student: 

Off-campus Work for International Students in Canada

Finding part-time jobs for international students in Canada does not require a lot of effort. During regular school term, international students can work for up to 20 hours a week and during the scheduled breaks, students are allowed to work full-time and do overtime as well. You can work with as many employers as you want but you must not exceed the defined hours. 

If you are a self-employed student or have an online job, all the hours of work that you do that get you paid will be counted. 

Some of the requirements for working off-campus without a work permit are:

  • You are enrolled in a full-time course at a DLI

  • Your course is for at least 6 months

  • You will gain a diploma, degree or certificate at the end of your course

  • Your course has already begun

  • You have a SIN

  • And more
    If you are a part-time student, you are obligated to fulfill additional requirements. To know how to get a SIN and other criteria for doing a part-time job in Canada, talk to our experts at Ztudents.


On-campus Work for International Students in Canada

Earning wages by working on campus is another great option for international students in Canada. Many students prefer on-campus jobs as they do not come with hourly restrictions. On-campus jobs save commute time and other expenses as well. 

To become eligible to work on-campus, you must:

Be an existing full-time post-secondary student
Have a SIN and a valid study permit
Not be on an authorized leave
Be working in a building that is on the campus where you are enrolled

If you are bursting with ideas, on-campus can be a great kick starter for your business as well. Take the help of an expert at Ztudents to know if you are eligible to work on-campus. Start your journey without any clouds of doubt.

Co-op Programs for International Students in Canada

Co-op programs or co-operative programs allow students to gain work experience while completing their education. Under these programs, students are allowed to work full-time and get paid.  The necessary information, along with available jobs, is generally posted on their college or university’s website. International students need a work permit to become eligible to work in Canada. 

To get a work permit:

You need a valid work permit
Work experience is a mandatory part of your course
Less than 50% of your time will go into your co-op placement
You can present a letter from your institution stating that work placement is required by all students to obtain a degree.

Co-op programs allow students to earn money while building strong networks in the work space that would later help them in finding good jobs. For assistance regarding work permits, contact Ztudents.

Work After Studies


A post-graduate work permit (PGWP) gives international students the opportunity to continue working in Canada once they have completed their education. It is an open work permit. It allows you to work full-time for employers across Canada. The length of this work permit depends on various factors. 

In general,  international students can apply for a post-graduate work permit if, 

They have successfully completed a full-time course from a designated learning institution in Canada
Their course was of at least 8 months or longer
They graduated from a post-secondary school, such as CEGEP, a technical school, college, trade school or university in Quebec.
They have a transcript or official letter from their institute.
And more

A PWGP can significantly contribute to your CRS score if your ultimate goal after completing your education is to become a Canadian permanent resident. A Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant will offer you the right consultation and help you in achieving your goals. Set up a call today.

Get Ready to Work in Canada


Working in Canada gives you opportunities to lower any financial burden and gain first-hand experience of the Canadian job market. It prepares you for your future as a Canadian citizen. A few options even help you in increasing your CRS score. A Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant at Ztudents will help you in making the right decisions. Get in touch with us today!

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