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Study Visa Application Process

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You have your finances sorted and your seat is confirmed at one of the designated learning institutes (DLI) of your choice in Canada. Next up is the most crucial task, figuring out the Canada student visa requirements. For non-Canadian, international students, obtaining a student permit is a must for entering and staying in the country for the duration of the course. With the process taking as long as sixty days, involving the submission of important documents, the sooner you begin, the better. 

Applying for the permit requires you to submit several important documents. The most common ones include your passport, acceptance letter received from the college/institute, and documents validating that you have funds to study in Canada. You might have more boxes to check off if the college is in the province of Quebec. At Ztudents, our consultants aim to make the process simpler for you. We help you determine whether or not you need a study visa for your course, as well as the advantages of having one regardless. Find the answers to your queries and more - contact us to schedule a consultation.

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When Will I Receive My Canada Study Permit?


Receiving a letter of acceptance from a Canadian university, college or institute is necessary before you start the Canada student permit application process. However, it is important to note that there is no standard duration for the permit process as delays can happen for several reasons. These can be internal errors, busy schedules, technical issues, overload of applications, and more. So you would want to apply for the study visa immediately upon receiving the letter of acceptance. At Ztudents, our visa professionals know the procedures and can help you smoothly pass through each step in your application process. 


Required Documents for Student Visa Application Process


Here is a list of common documents you need for the visa application process:


  • A letter of acceptance from a DIL-listed college or university.

  • Proof of funds showing sufficient financial resources for the first year’s living expenses, tuition, living expenses, and return transportation to the home country.

  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate, or CAQ) if the college you intend to study is anywhere in Quebec.

  • A well-structured Statement of Purpose or SOP.

  • A complete medical examination report.

  • No criminal record. Applicants may be required to produce a police clearance certificate.

  • Convince your visa officer that when your study permit expires, you will leave Canada.

  • And more


There are some conditional documents as well that may be required in some cases. These documents are:


  • Passport of the student and any family member accompanying them.

  • Passport-size photos of both the applicant and the accompanying family members. Make sure to write full names and DOB on the back of the photos.

  • A copy of the marriage certificate for married applicants.

  • Other documents, which the visa officer may ask you to produce.


In many cases, study permits are denied due to lack of basic documents or the submission of wrong documents. Take assistance from experts at Ztudents for careful documentation.

SDS Category


When it comes to visa processing, Canada has a special category, known as SDS or the Student Direct Stream. Countries under this category enjoy accelerated visa processing. If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, you may enjoy fast-track processing of your study permit:

  • Antigua and Barbuda

  • Brazil

  • China

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • India

  • Morocco

  • Pakistan

  • Peru

  • Philippines

  • Senegal

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Trinidad and Tobago

  • Vietnam


If you choose to apply online with the SDS options, chances are that you can receive your study permit in less than 20 business days. However, though you might be eligible to submit an SDS application, there are certain terms and conditions that you are required to meet. Let Ztudents provide you with the complete information you need to successfully apply for your student visa. Give us a call.


Get All the Information and Professional Guidance from Ztudents


As an international student seeking a Canada student permit, you would want to do everything right the first time to get a favorable decision on your visa application. However, there are situations when applicants face a student visa rejection. Sometimes, the immigration officer questions the choice of program doubts financial insufficiency or finds documents missing to show a complete travel history. Ztudents is here to help students navigate through such unforeseeable issues. 

We offer across-the-board consulting services and accurate information necessary for you to take the right action and make the right choices. Our goal is to ensure that you feel heard, supported, and encouraged to achieve your personal goals and your dream of studying in Canada.

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