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Study in Canada

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Canada is one of the most sought-after education destinations for international students. Standing second on the list of the most educated countries in the world, just after South Korea, this northern country has some of the best educational institutes. Canada is also one of the most welcoming education destinations. It welcomes over 500,000 international students every year. 

Along with great infrastructure, and faculty, Canada offers a number of benefits to international students. If you wish to study in Canada and know about how you can leverage your Canadian education, let us know. At Ztudents, our aim is to assist every aspirational student to the best of our availability. We guide you throughout the process, including helping you in finding a suitable institute, getting the paperwork done, writing SOPs and helping you with your language proficiency exams. Get in touch with us to turn your dreams into reality.

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Why Study in Canada?


Canadian students receive an internationally recognized degree upon completing their education from a designated learning institution. These world-class colleges and institutions combine exceptional education with diversity. Before you apply for a Canada student visa, read about why you should consider moving to this maple country

Quality of life

Canada ranks the highest in the quality of life. With a good work-life balance and accessibility to healthcare, even for international students, you can hope for a good life in Canada. Canadians are often regarded as some of the warmest and welcoming people in the world. The importance of community is strong. As an international student in Canada, you will become a part of their tribe in no time. 

Outstanding Bar of Education

From elementary to post-secondary studies, Canada is recognized for setting a high bar of standards in the educational sector. Amongst the top 25 universities in the world, 10 are in Canada! 


Diversity Everywhere

Canada is a huge and vibrant country. You can choose to study in a big country like Toronto and Vancouver or move to smaller campuses situated in Thunderbay and Waterloo. The demographics of Canada have something for everyone. It is not uncommon for students to have a beautiful rendez-vous with wildlife. Imagine encountering playful deers on your way to the campus! This diversity is further enhanced by the hundreds of international students who travel here every year.


Affordable Cost of Living & Education

Referring to English-speaking countries, Canada offers education at affordable rates. It has one of the lowest tuition fees. As the number of learning institutes is on a higher side as well, your chances of finding a college or university under your budget are on a higher side.


Benefits of Studying in Canada


A majority of students see Canada as their preferred destination for higher education. But why? Well, because their education is complemented by a plethora of benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect as an international student in Canada:


Opportunity to Work While Studying

With a valid Canada study permit, you can work up to 20 hours every week as an international student. You do not need to acquire a separate work permit for this. You can also work full-time during your summer and semester breaks. This allows students to gain international work exposure, build networks, and explore the practical side of their field of study. 


International Graduates and PGWP

International graduates can apply for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) after they have successfully graduated from a designated learning institute in Canada. This is an open work permit that allows new graduates to work full-time in Canada for any employer for a specific period of time. The duration of the work permit depends on the duration of your degree and other factors.


An Increase in the CRS Score

If you are planning to study in Canada with the hopes of receiving a PR in the future, the Canada study permit may help in accelerating the process. After receiving a degree from a DIL, and working in Canada on the PGWP, you get additional CRS points. For further details on the same, contact us today.


Canada Student Visa Requirement 


Unlike many English-speaking countries, Canada does not require bundles of documents for processing the study permits of international students. 


  • Letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian college or university on the DLI list.

  • Proof of funds to cover the tuition of the first year, living expenses, and return transportation to your country.

  • If you are planning to study in Montreal or anywhere in Quebec, you need a Certificat d'acceptation du Quebec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate, or CAQ).

  • In some cases, a police clearance certificate is also required.

  • A complete medical examination test conducted at an assigned medical institute

  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP).

If you are being accompanied by a family member, you may need:

  • Passports of the accompanying family members.

  • Two passport-size photos with full names and DOB written on the back of the accompanying family members.

  • A copy of the marriage certificate if you are being accompanied by your spouse. 

  • And other documents as requested by the visa officer.

These are some of the basic documents that an international student aspiring to study in Canada will need. Contact us for a complete list of documents and processing of Canada study permit.

Live Your Dream of Studying in Canada with Ztudents


Every year thousands of international students apply to get their Canadian study permit. It is the first step towards a better future. Increase your chances of successfully getting your Canada study permit by availing services of experts. At Ztudents, we strive to make the dreams of every aspiring student come true by guiding them in the best way possible. We follow the latest news released by IRCC and give advice to students accordingly.

For more details, get in touch with Ztudents today.

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