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Life in Canada

Get a glimpse at what awaits when you make the dream decision to move to the Great White North.

Eastbourne College England

Study Visa Application Process

Get information on how you can apply to your dream colleges and universities.

Picking a Book

Canadian Education System

Get information on how the Canadian Education System works.

Work in Canada

Find out about the work culture and part-time opportunities available in Canada.


Language Requirements

Get information about the Language Requirements for different institutions in different provinces.

Girls Studying

Scholarships in Canada

Get information on different Scholarships and options to consider while applying to your dream universities.

Your journey to Canada

Step 1

Eligibility Check


And we begin, this is where you figure out which colleges & universities fall on your radar.

Our experienced team can help you find the perfect fit!

Complete a short survey and get matched to programs and schools.

Get Started

Step 2

College Application

College Campus

This is the hard part!

Select a school and program, complete profile, pay fees and submit documents.

Figure out how to write SOPs, Admission Essays, get LORs.

Or, you could just come to us, and make the whole process easy as a breeze!


Step 3



It's the waiting game now!

The schools review your application and an acceptance letter is issued.

FYI: this is where having an RCIC filed application vs a generic application can make or break your case.

Not having one is like going to court without a lawyer.

What RCICs do and why you need them

Step 4

Visa Application

Image by Jeremy Dorrough

Our team will guide you through the complete visa application process.

Just getting into a college is not enough, you need to make sure your work or study history corresponds to the courses you applied to, or your visa application process can be very painful.

That's why it's important to have your applications assessed by professionals for the best odds!

Know more

Step 5

Journey begins

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

Much Awaited!

We'll be here to welcome you, with a care package and refreshments. We can help you figure out accommodations, for both your stay and travel!

Let us worry about your accommodations while you prepare your bucket list of things to do in the country.

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Make an investment in your future. Choose the right place to reach your dreams.

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