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Scholarships in Canada

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Canada is a dream study destination for many international students across the world. As with several countries, studying in Canada doesn’t come cheap. However, the good news is that out of 100+ universities in Canada offering over 15,000 courses, most welcome international students through scholarship programs. The study-abroad scholarships in Canada are a golden opportunity for you to finance your overseas education. Scholarships for graduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels are open to international students with a good academic score and other achievements.

Ready to apply for scholarships? Let Ztudents be your guide. Whether you are planning to start your grad school next year or a bit far ahead in the future, our experts can guide you in several ways. We help you prepare for meeting eligibility criteria and consider other extracurricular activities like volunteering to boost your chances of getting a scholarship. You can even aim to achieve English language proficiency by preparing for IELTS with us, as IELTS is accepted by all Canadian universities. We’re regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (RCIC), and we’ve got the checklist ready for you. Connect with us.

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Types of Scholarships in Canada

The right scholarship can make a big difference in your study-abroad journey. With the availability of different scholarship programs for international students, you can not only gain the much-needed financial help but will also enjoy a degree of prestige.


However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that scholarships are only for the students with the highest score or the best sports players. The fact of the matter is that many types of scholarships give weight to a student's other strengths like test scores, contest essays, leadership qualities, community service, and so on. With Ztudents, you discover all kinds of scholarships out there and learn about each of them. 


Here, we have listed a few categories wherein you can find numerous scholarship programs offered for different courses and universities.


  • University Scholarships

University-level scholarships in Canada are an excellent way for international students to get admission into their dream college or campus. Make sure to check if your chosen university offers some kind of financial help to international students.


  • Government-funded Scholarships

There are several scholarship programs that the government of Canada offers to international students wanting to study in Canada.


  • Financial Scholarships

Some Canadian universities may also offer scholarships in the form of financial aid to international students coming from a specific financial background.


  • Privately-funded Scholarships

Often funded by privately owned businesses or independent donors, privately-funded scholarships are selectively available for international students from developing countries and/or minority groups. These may also be available for particular areas of study. 


  • Merit Scholarships

It presents an opportunity for students with an excellent academic record or impressive achievement in extracurricular activities. You might be a top sports player, have created outstanding pieces of artwork, or have a history of community service - you can be eligible for merit scholarships in Canada for such or similar achievements.

How to Get Scholarships in Canada


If you are a college-bound student, this step-by-step guide is for you to find the right scholarship in Canada for your field of study.


  • Do your research

The first step is to get as much information as possible about the different scholarship programs and other funding options your home country is offering. Contact the depart­ment of education in your country to explore your options. 


  • Ask your chosen universities for scholarship options

If you have a few universities in mind that you want to attend, you can start by connecting with their dedicated financial aid office and enquiring about scholarships for international students in Canada. Also, ask for the eligibility criteria and guidelines for submitting application forms.


  • Look out for additional scholarship opportunities

There are several scholarships in Canada, as well as grants and awards, whose value is likely to be higher than your tuition. They can be administered by non-profit organizations, private organizations, provincial governments, or even directly by the government of Canada. Make sure you explore all kinds of funding programs.


  • Application form

Your application form for a scholarship will always be different from your program admission form. This means that the process of searching for the right scholarship program begins early. For scholarships in Canada, you will have the convenience of applying online. Also, be prepared to sit an entrance exam for getting the scholarship in some courses and universities. 


  • Fees deduction

Upon getting selected for the scholarship in Canada, the scholarship amount will be adjusted in the university tuition fee that you would otherwise be paying.


Discover the Right Scholarship Options with Ztudents


Want complete information plus special guidance from our Ztudents experts? You’ve got it. We understand that a very limited number of scholarships are open for international students aiming to study in Canada. Not only are they scattered across different fields of study and universities, but they are also highly competitive as many students apply for them. However, the right assistance from a professional can help increase the possibility of finding and achieving the right scholarship. Give us a call to book a counseling session with us today.

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