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Pathway to PR

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Becoming a Canadian permanent resident is an aspiration of many foreign nationals. Your Canadian education makes the Canadian immigration journey easier. It opens more pathways for you. Once you have gained a full-time degree, certificate or diploma from a designated learning institute in Canada, you can apply for Canada PR through multiple streams, for example, CEC and International Graduate PNP programs.

Some provinces help international graduates to settle permanently in Canada. Therefore, you must do thorough research before applying to any school to take full advantage of such programs. Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant at Ztudents will help you on your journey to becoming a Canadian permanent resident. For expert guidance, book a consultation with us.

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Post-graduate Work Experience in Canada


An international student who has successfully gained a certificate, diploma or degree after completing at least 8 months of full-time education at a designated learning institute in Canada may apply for a post-graduate work permit or PGWP. PGWP is an open work permit that allows international students to gain Canadian work experience. 


This Canadian work experience makes international students eligible to apply for Express Entry through streams that are only exclusive to them. If you are an international student in Canada, here is how you can use your degree and work experience to become a permanent resident:


Federal Skilled Worker (FSW): This is one of the most common pathways chosen by skilled professionals with foreign work experience to immigrate to Canada. It is also one of the easiest and fastest routes that aspirants can take. Every applicant fills in details related to their personal and professional background which generates a score. As the maximum number of PR aspirants are in this pool, the competition is fierce. However, your Canadian education and work experience can help you in claiming additional points. This will put you ahead of other applicants and increase your chances considerably of getting a direct invitation. 


Canadian Experience Class (CEC): The CEC category is also connected to Express Entry Canada. You can apply under this category only if you have one year of full-time work experience or its equivalent. Getting a work permit from outside Canada can be expensive and tiresome. After completing your education, you can apply for a PGWP, work full-time for a Canadian employer and become eligible for this stream.


Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): PNP is a part of FSWP. If you are nominated by any province, you get additional 600 points that are added to your CRS scores. There are certain provinces that help you in immigrating to Canada permanently once you have successfully completed your education in the respective province. Provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and some Atlantic provinces can prove to be a stepping stone for you. They run a number of international graduate PNP programs. 


Choose the Right Pathway to PR

As an international student with Canadian work experience, you can get closer to your dream of immigrating to Canada faster than others. At Ztudents, we help you in charting your path from being an aspirant to a Canadian permanent resident. Take action today and get ready to live your dreams.

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