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Life in Canada

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Quality of life in Canada is considered one of the best in the world. Canada is currently ranked 22nd in the Quality of Life Index. It is one of the highest-ranking countries in terms of population happiness, safety, healthcare, and cost of living. The employment rate of 15 to 64-year-olds is at 73%, which is better than the OECD average of 68%. Another point of note is the percentage of the population working long hours. Canada has only 4% of its population working more than 10-hour shifts, compared to the OECD average of 11%.

Canada offers a high quality of life, with publicly funded primary education, healthcare, and social security. If you wish to have a life in Canada while studying and know more about how Canadian society functions, connect with us. At Ztudents, we aim to assist every aspiring student to the best of our capabilities. We guide you throughout the process, including helping you find a suitable institute, get the paperwork done, write SOPs and help you with your language proficiency tests. Get in touch with us to turn your dreams into reality.

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Major Provinces and Cities


Canada has a total of 3 territories and 10 provinces. Some of the largest provinces by population are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. These 3 provinces make up around 75% of Canada’s total population of 38 million people as of 2020. Some of the most important cities, which also serve as large economic centers are also located in these provinces, which include Quebec’s capital Quebec City, Ontario’s capital Toronto, which is the most populated city in Canada. British Columbia has two important cities, the capital Victoria, and the city of Montreal, which is the 2nd most populated city in Canada.


The Canadian Weather


Canada is infamous for being a cold country. This, however, is far from the truth. The interior and northern territories of Canada experience continental climate, which makes them extremely cold in winter, and quite hot in summers. However, coastal provinces like British Columbia, experience temperate climates with rainy summers and moderately cold winters. The Canadian weather varies from region to region and is vastly different in the interiors as compared to the coasts.  




A large factor to having a good life in Canada is access to affordable and efficient transportation systems. The public transportation system of Canada is well connected and consists of buses, trains, streetcars (trams), a subway system, etc. Big convenience for students in Canada is the transit pass system, which is cheaper than a single ticket and allows you to use a particular transportation system unlimited times for a month or so. This is highly economical if you plan to use public transportation often. Part-time jobs for students in Canada become more economical with the public transportation system.


Part-Time Jobs


An important consideration for a migrating student is the availability of part-time jobs for students in Canada. Coincidentally, considering the large number o foreign students in Canada, the government allows foreign students to work part-time for 20 hours a week. The average pay is around CAD 10/hour. Considering the pandemic and the lockdowns, there has been a rise in online jobs for students, which allows you to work from home and earn some money in your free time.


All colleges and universities have on-campus job openings advertised on message boards. There are websites too that can help you find part-time jobs for students in Canada. 

Some of the popular options for part-time jobs for students in Canada include the restaurant and hospitality sector, retail sector, etc.

Here at Ztudents, we help you out with the entire application process for your Canadian education. Our consultants will help you throughout your application process including the selection of an institute, the legal and documentation formalities, the SOPs, and help you with your language proficiency tests.


For more details, get in touch with Ztudents today.




The tenets of multiculturalism are imbibed in the Canadian constitution, and in the society as a whole. You can find people from all ethnicities, countries, religions, and cultures in Canada. Indians too, form a fair chunk of the population. Canada has a large population of Indian-origin Sikh migrants who have been living for decades in the country. Apart from the original British and French ancestral people who make up the majority of the population, you can find Asians, Latin Americans, and people across all ethnicities.


Food is also a topic that can be overwhelming for new students in Canada. Canadian cuisine, just like the country, is diverse. It is possible to find food that suits every type of palette. There are also a large number of Indian eateries across all major cities and towns due to the sizable Indian migrant population. As a student in Canada, life in Canada can be easier than anticipated due to the diverse culture and traditions of the country.


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Canada is a modern, egalitarian and multicultural country in every way. Each year thousands of students move to Canada to continue their studies. Life in Canada is defined by a high standard of living, with social security and a world-class medical system. 

To know more about how to select the best institutes for higher education in Canada and also know about part-time student jobs in Canada, reach out to Ztudents. We have helped thousands of students realize their higher education dreams and have a life in Canada. You could be next.

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